Friday, 8 July 2011

Pablo Muñoz Sánchez on software and video game localization

From today's's news:

Last week the 4th International Media for All Conference – Audiovisual Translation: Taking Stock was held in London so I [Translator T.O., ed.] interviewed member Pablo Muñoz Sánchez to talk about this event and to learn more about his experience as a translator specializing in software and video game localization.

In this interview Pablo explains the benefits of specializing and how he decided on his areas of specialization. He talks about current trends in the video game localization industry such as fansub and audio description. After describing the current scenario for translators working on software and video game localization, Pablo provides some advice for those aspiring translators willing to specialize in video game and software localization.

You can listen to the interview in English here and in Spanish here.


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