Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Research instruments in translation process research

Translation process research is often considered to be a unique branch of translation studies that embraces an interdisciplinary approach to translation. Today's talk at CenTraS located translation process research in translation studies and then introduced its various research instruments, i.e. think-aloud protocols, key-logging, screen recording and the latest eye-tracking software. Dr Claire Shih demonstrated how these research instruments are used in translation process research and provided some empirical findings that are used to model the translation process.

Dr Claire Shih is the Director of Translation Studies atthe University of Leicester. Her research focus is on descriptive process-oriented translation studies where translation is seen as a cognitive human behaviour that can be observed, described and reflected upon. She has published a number of articles on the subject. 

More recently, she was awarded a research grant investigating how reflective learning journals can enhance student engagement in translation pedagogy. This project was subsequently published in The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (2011). Dr Clair Shih is currently working on a funded project, developing e-learning resources for computer-assisted translation software.

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